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Pressures from climate change and general modernization are only a few of the powerful forces rapidly changing the Canadian arctic. The indigenous communities, wildlife and the natural environment all face serious new challenges as a result.

For global survival, it is integral to achieve balance in the preservation of the Arctic and its adaptation to a shifting world.

Arctic Hope is a cooperative project with the goals of strengthening the viability, resiliency and sustainability of the Arctic Region through mutual education and collaboration with indigenous communities.

Current strategies include coordinated initiatives, together with public awareness and education, to enhance understanding, awareness and further develop connections between Canada’s northern and southern regions.

To realize this vision, Arctic Hope needs wide ranging skills, perspectives and assistance.

The Arctic is at the forefront of a changing world. Sensitive to rising temperatures and threatened by the changing climate, the Arctic's fragility and importance to the world ecosystem cannot be overstated.

Get involved today as a member, a sponsor, or promoter of Arctic Hope's work, and help us protect this tremendous resource.