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The arctic is constantly in the press and has moved into our collective conscience from a distant, removed place to our back yard. From mining to military to science, the need for gas and minerals to defining sovereignty boundaries and the effects of climate change, they are all at the forefront of current affairs and will only grow with time.

The convergence of these many powerful forces is radically and rapidly changing the arctic as we know it. The indigenous peoples, the wildlife and the environment are all threatened by the world’s direct expansion into and indirect contamination and influence of the arctic.

Arctic Hope is a new initiative with the goal to help the peoples, wildlife and polar environment. Strategic plans include coordinated initiatives coupled with public education both for ‚Äúsouthern‚ÄĚ and northern Canadians to increase understanding, awareness and a greater sense of interconnectedness.

Such far reaching goals can only be achieved slowly over time. Our approach is to focus on actionable projects to realize tangible results, and as such, will have small but real coordinated successes whose scope will grow over time in a sustainable manner for an enduring legacy.

Arctic Hope is non-political and does not seek to stop or slow economic growth or expansion. Rather, the goal is to assist those who need help adapting to economic and environmental changes. Arctic Hope supports and will include the Inuit and Inuvialuit peoples in all of our projects and supports the aboriginal right to responsible and sustainable subsistence hunting.